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The High-Tech-Plastic Sheet.

The Makrolon® brand stands for a versatile range of top-class solid (GP) and multiwall (multi) polycarbonate sheets that fulfill the most diverse requirements.

Creative construction projects, such as stadium and train station roof covers, complex dome structures, skylights and barrel vaults, or lightweight roof constructions for winter gardens are all possible with Makrolon®. In industrial applications , this material - with its extremely high impact resistance - is valued as a reliable solution for protective glazing and machine covers. In the field of visual communication, top-quality Makrolon® sheet can be used to manufacture attractive and durable illuminated signs.

The consistently high quality of all Makrolon® sheets is based on Exolon Group´s extrusion know-how and comprehensive quality management of all production processes certified to DIN ISO 9001.

The Advantages:

  • excellent transparency
  • extremely high break resistance
  • extremely high impact resistance
  • good fire behavior classification
  • usable over a very wide temperature range