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Multiwall polycarbonate sheet Exolon® multi UV Hybrid-X: Daylight in a new dimension

The new multiwall polycarbonate sheet for optimum light transmission and perfect thermal insulation.

The new multiwall polycarbonate sheet Exolon® multi UV Hybrid-X offers the perfect combination of light transmission, thermal insulation and safety.

The multiwall sheet for daylight in a new dimension

Daylight can improve our mental functions by 10% to 25%. The special Hybrid-X-geometry of multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets enables light transmission of up to 45%. These multiwall sheets minimize light disjunction, while offering diffuse, natural, and comfortable light. The usage of natural light enables an enormous energy saving potential. This is especially an advantage when applying the multiwall polycarbonate sheets in industrial buildings.

Impressive climate conditions with multiwall polycarbonate sheet Exolon® multi UV HX 

From a climatic insulation point of view, conventional daylight-systems can be a weak point in the envelope of a building. But this does not apply for multiwall polycarbonate sheet Hybrid-X with its excellent climatic insulation characteristics. The innovative geometry of the multiwall roofing sheets enables a heat transfer coefficient (Ug) of up to 0.85 W/m²K (depending on sheet thickness) and therefore enables energy savings of more than 30% when compared to standard polycarbonate sheets.

Safety due to strong performance

The multiwall polycarbonate sheets have a constant surface-weight, despite having 10-20% stronger internal walls. This leads to strong mechanical attributes with an optimal load distribution, thanks to its unique geometry. Creating complete safety for public, commercial or private roofing applications.

Exolon® multi UV ECORANGE Types:

Exolon® multi UV ECOplus is a partially bio-circular grade, attributed via mass balance according to ISCC PLUS Standard.

For further information on our ECORANGE please click here.

You benefit from:

  • Optimum light transmission
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties 
  • High rigidity at low weight

Typical areas of application:

  • Conservatories
  • Skylights
  • Roofs
  • Industrial glazing

The polycarbonate multiwall sheet is available as standard in:

  • sheet thickness: 25/ 32/ 40 and 50 mm
  • sheet widths 980, 1200, 1230, 2100 mm
  • colours: clear 1099, white 1146

On request available:

  • IQ-Relax

Exolon® multi UV FAQs

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Type Title / Filesize Link
Brochure Exolon® multi UV Hybrid-X - Daylight in a new dimension (318 kB)
Brochure Exolon® Multiwall Sheets - Living Visions (2 MB)
Product Data sheet Datasheet (344 kB)
Technical Manual Technical Manual Multi (4 MB)
Technical Manual Tips for installation (2 MB)
Warranty Warranty (202 kB)