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Exolon® Click Panel Solutions

One click to meet targets!

What are the Exolon Group’s click panels?

Are you looking for thermoplastic sheets for your business? If yes, you have stopped at the right spot! With more than 40 years of experience, the Exolon Group showcases expertise in developing, producing and distributing multiwall polycarbonate sheets, polyester sheets and opaque sheet material made of high-quality plastic.

We are an inspiring partner with a human touch. We put our clients ahead by listening, understanding, providing solutions and better experiences. We show what is and what more is possible. And we make it happen. Keeping that in mind, we present to you, the Exolon® Panel. These click panels are a versatile range of top-class modular polycarbonate multiwall panels with a tongue and groove joint, designed to fulfil diverse and demanding building and construction requirements.

What are the different types of click panels?

Exolon® Panels have excellent mechanical performance and ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the panels are easy to handle and assemble. The different click panels that we offer are:

  • Exolon® PANEL 10: They are polycarbonate multiwall panels and are easy to install and mainly used for ceilings.
  • Exolon® PANEL 16: Easy to install click panels, mainly used for applications like internal and dividing walls. Each panel has a 3-wall structure that maximizes light transmission. Special steel hooks are included that make the panel easy to mount.
  • Exolon® PANEL 20 Light: Easy to install panels in 20 mm thickness that can be used for internal and dividing walls.
  • Exolon® PANEL 20 Plus: Designed to maximize light transmission, making them ideal for all those projects where daylight is a must. To increase the tightness of the joint the panel has a unique connection system.
  • Exolon® PANEL 20 Plus 6P: Use these 6-wall polycarbonate panels to optimize energy consumption. They are perfect for outdoor installations.
  • Exolon® PANEL 25 Plus 6P: Easy to install click panels, mainly used for vertical applications such as facades. Each panel has a 6-wall structure to maximize thermal insulation and energy savings, with a thickness of 25 mm.
  • Exolon® PANEL 40 3P: Designed to maximize light transmission, these click panels are ideal for all those projects where daylight is a must.
  • Exolon® PANEL 40 5PX: The polycarbonate panels have an X structure which increases the stiffness of the panel to meet architectural requirements.
  • Exolon® PANEL 40 9P: 9-wall click panels with low Ug Value, they improve the thermal insulation and therefore reduce the energy consumption and the environmental impact.
    All of the 40 mm thick Panels have a unique connection system that increases the tightness of the joint.


Features of our polycarbonate multiwall panels

Polycarbonate panels open a world of architectural possibilities. With our panels, we can help you in your creative construction projects, such as translucent facades, curtain, partition walls and daylight systems.

Thanks to the internal structure made of multiple walls, they offer much better heat insulation than single glazing. In recent years, Exolon Group has continued to develop sheets with improved thermal insulation. This helps reduce the CO₂ output associated with global warming.

Click to know more about our top-class multiwall polycarbonate sheets for roofing applications.

Advantages of our click panels

The Exolon Group’s polycarbonate multiwall panels are easy to install, light and versatile by nature. They have a certified fire classification to assure safety when they are applied. They have a range of different advantages. For example, Exolon® PANEL 16, Exolon® PANEL 10 have a 3-wall structure that maximizes light transmission and a simple interlocking that doesn’t need any joining element.

On the other hand, Exolon® PANEL 20 Plus 6P and 25 Plus 6P have a 6-wall structure to maximize thermal insulation and energy savings, with a thickness of 20 mm and 25 mm respectively.

In 40 mm, Exolon® Panel portfolio has products to increase light transmission, such as the 3P types. The 9P types maximize the thermal insulation, and products with optimized performances, like the 5PX,   meet the various challenges of modern buildings.

Thus, all of them have their own benefits and that includes patented connection to maximize the tightness of the joint; improved water tightness; reduced risk of dirt penetration; high strength connection; among others.

These multiwall polycarbonate sheets are renowned for good transparency; extremely high break resistance; impact strength; high dimensional behavior stability; and good electric insulation.

Application of the click panels

Our click panels are made of polycarbonate. They come with a coextruded UV protection layer on one side and a 10-year-warranty. Some of their areas of application include:
  • Curtains
  • Infills
  • Skylights
  • Dividing walls
  • External installations
  • Partition walls
  • Strip windows
  • Daylight systems

Available in:

  • clear, opal, bronze, frosted other colours on request

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