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ECORANGE recycled plastic sheets & sheets made from sustainable material

Discover transparent sustainable plastic sheets made from recycled polycarbonate and polyester

The future starts today.

Ecology, circularity, sustainability – concepts like these are key to life in both the present day and the future. One of the ways in which the plastics industry is pursuing these objectives is the recycling of raw materials. This is not a quick and simple task, but rather a long-term process. The Exolon Group is aware of the challenges and is committed to finding sustainable solutions. Including a greater proportion of biocircular plastic or sustainable material is an important step to reducing both waste and our carbon footprint.

The ECORANGE product portfolio consists of thermoplastic sheets made from recycled or sustainable material. This sustainable range includes recycled polycarbonate and polyester sheets that are highly transparent despite their high proportion of reused material.

The ECORANGE: An overview of our range of sustainable plastic sheets

Recycled plastic sheets from Exolon GroupThe ECORANGE from Exolon Group is a range of products that deliver greater sustainability through a smaller carbon footprint.

ECO- recycled plastic sheets

Our ECO recycled plastic sheets are made from at least 40 per cent reclaimed material from our own production. As we recycle this material in house under strict monitoring, we can ensure it meets the same optical quality as our standard material. This process lets us reduce our waste levels and turn this material into premium sustainable plastic sheets.

Solid Sheets:

  • Exolon® GP ECO
  • Vivak® GP ECO


ECOplus: Polycarbonate sheets made with biocircular resin

Biocircular plastic sheets certified by ISSC PLUS”Our sustainable ECOplus recycled sheets are made using a proportion of biocircular raw material. This means that part of the material that normally comes from fossil sources is replaced with renewable materials. As a result, our ECOplus sheets have a very low carbon footprint. Up to 89 per cent of the total material content consists of sustainable material. This is monitored by ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

Solid Sheets:         

  • Exolon® GP ECOplus
  • Exolon® UV ECOplus

Multiwall Sheets:

  • Exolon® multi UV 5X/16-25 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX25 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX32 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX40 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX50 ECOplus

rECO - recycled plastic sheets

Recycled plastic sheets made from pre-consumer wasteThese solid recycled sheets are a circular product that consists of between 50 and 100 per cent pre-consumer waste. This is waste that occurs after the sheets leave our factory but before they are actually used as end product, such as cut-offs.

Solid Sheets:

  • Exolon® GP rECO
  • Exolon® UV rECO

rECOplus - recycled plastic sheets

Recycled sheets made from post-consumer wasteThese sheets are made partially from circular plastic. They contain 25 per cent recycled post-consumer polyester taken from products that have been processed into this new material after reaching the end of their service lifel.

Solid Sheets:

  • Axpet® rECOplus

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Brochure ECORANGE - The future is sustainable (5 MB)
Brochure Vivak/ Axpet brochure (2 MB)
Product Data sheet data sheet (180 kB)
Technical Manual Vivak und Axpet - Forming (361 kB)
Technical Manual Vivak und Axpet - Machining (242 kB)
Warranty warranty (61 kB)