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News & Events

Exolon Group celebrates its debut at the K Trade Fair


Exolon Group celebrates its debut at the K Trade Fair

Innovative and sustainable product solutions for construction, industry and medical technology

6 September 2022. The Exolon Group will be represented for the first time at K 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for the plastics market, from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf. The leading European manufacturer of multiwall and solid sheets made from thermoplastics will be presenting its innovations for the construction, industry and medical technology sectors. There is also news on sustainable product solutions for environmentally friendly areas of application. Visitors can obtain information directly on site in Hall 8b, Stand F30.

Strong trio of plastics for medical technology

From dental splints and rigid medical packaging to containers and trays for medical devices. Exolon Group is presenting the entire Med-Range – Exolon® Med, Vivak® Med and Inspria® Med – for the first time at K. All Med-Range products consist of 100% virgin material that meets the requirements of ISO 10993 for the biological evaluation of medical devices. The sheets are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). The manufacturing process is subject to constant control by a quality management system that meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Processors can thus trace the sheet material down to the raw material – an important basis for the further documentation of future end products.

Innovation for Building & Construction

With Exolon® multi UV Hybrid-X, the Exolon Group is presenting a completely new multiwall sheet type. The new geometry is a complex combination of walls and air chambers. The sheets are therefore all-rounders with high energy-saving potential. They offer excellent thermal insulation and improved light diffusion, and also have strong mechanical properties with optimised area weight. Their low heat transfer coefficient (Ug) impresses with energy savings of more than 30 percent compared to standard sheets available on the market.
This means a saving of around three litres of heating oil or 2.5 cubic metres of natural gas per square metre and year. The sheet material meets all quality standards in terms of fire protection with a CE mark in accordance with EN 16153 and DIN ISO 9001 for quality management.

Hard-coating for extreme situations

The AR (abrasion-resistant) solid sheet range consists of various types of particularly wear-resistant, chemical- and UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets. Combined with outstanding breaking strength and a surface quality comparable to glass, the material impresses with its high resistance to scratches and abrasion. With the AR 5 and AR FO product types, the Exolon Group is now expanding its range of hard-coated polycarbonate sheet material. While Exolon AR can only be installed flat, the new types can be formed despite the coating. Subsequent offline coating processes are unnecessary and the resulting follow-up costs can be saved.

Depending on the area of application, the sheets have coating on one or both sides. All sheets come with a 10-year warranty of unbreakability. The guarantee against delamination and weathering varies depending on the type of sheet and area of application.

Focus on sustainability

Ecology, recycling economy, sustainability – these are terms that have become ubiquitous today and are part of our future. In the plastics industry, these goals are achieved through the reuse of raw materials, among other things. Under the name Eco, the Exolon Group is launching new products on the market in which recycled materials are processed. Vivak® GP Eco and Exolon® GP Eco consist of at least 40 per cent ground material from our own production. At the same time, the company reduces the amount of waste through reuse and upgrades this ground material to a high-quality sheet material.

The next step towards an eco-friendly future goes hand in hand with the ISCC Plus (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certification, which the Exolon Group has already received. For rEco Plus products, the mass-balance approach is being pursued, whereby renewable raw materials are already used at the beginning of the production chain as a replacement for fossil raw materials.

Experienced trade fair debutant

The division formerly belonging to the Covestro Group will be exhibiting at the K trade fair for the first time. Since it was founded as a medium-sized company in 2020 under the umbrella of the Serafin Group of Companies, the Exolon Group has carried out a comprehensive product and brand relaunch.

At the Exolon Group trade fair stand, visitors to K 2022 can get to know the company and its wide range of products. The Exolon Group trade fair team welcomes you to Hall 8b, Stand F30.

Exolon Group:

Exolon Group is a leading supplier of solid and multiwall sheets for a wide range of innovative applications. The medium-sized group of companies develops, produces and distributes Exolon® brand polycarbonate sheets, Axpet® and Vivak® polyester sheets as well as Exoblend® brand opaque blend sheet material made of high-quality plastic.

The Exolon Group is characterised by 40 years of accumulated expertise in the extrusion of thermoplastic sheets and an extensive product portfolio. The products can be found, amongst other things, in construction, visual communication, industry and LED applications. The material is manufactured in accordance with consistently high-quality standards at production facilities in Belgium and Italy.

"People, passion, performance" is the guiding principle of Exolon Group and its employees. The passion they have for the products is the basis for convincing customers through quality and service. Exolon Group is part of the Serafin group of companies based in Munich.

Exolon Group is part of the Serafin group of companies based in Munich and continues Covestro's former plastic sheet business.

Further information on Exolon Group products and applications can be found on the internet at www.exolongroup.com

Serafin Group:
Exolon Group is a part of Serafin Group, whose philosophy is based on more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of its shareholding family. Serafin invests into companies with the aim to foster their long term development in accordance with all stakeholders.  www.serafin-gruppe.de/en  

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Exolon Group GmbH
Nicole Meyer-Kurczyk
+49 173 9650104

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