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Sustainable transparent Polycarbonate and Polyester sheets for a better environment

The future starts today.

Ecology, circularity, sustainability – these are concepts that have become commonplace today and will be part of our future. In the plastics industry, one area in which these objectives are reflected is the reuse of raw materials. This is not a simple task that can be completed quickly; it is a process that can have a major impact on how we interact with our environment.

Exolon Group is aware of the challenges and is committed to finding solutions. Under the ECORANGE, we are launching new products in which reclaimed materials are processed. This is not an easy task for transparent sheets, as the availability of high-quality recycled polycarbonate and polyester materials is currently limited. However, the future starts today, and every step in the right direction is a good step.

ECORANGE at a Glance

Exolon Group ECORANGE represents a line of products which attribute to improved sustainability by having a lower ecological footprint.

ECO Type

is a sheet that contains at least 40% reclaimed material out of our own production. As this reclaimed content is recycled internally – with the process being closely monitored – we can offer this material at the same optical quality as our standard material. At the same time, we reduce waste flow and upgrade this regrind to a high-quality sheet material..

Solid Sheets:

  • Exolon® GP ECO
  • Vivak® GP ECO


ECOplus Type

is a partially bio-circular sheet with low carbon footprint. This means that the part of the material which is normally made from fossil raw materials is now made from renewable content. The attributed sustainable share amounts up to 89% of the total content. This is monitored via ISCC PLUS.

Solid Sheets:         

  • Exolon® GP ECOplus
  • Exolon® UV ECOplus

Multiwall Sheets:

  • Exolon® multi UV 5X/16-25 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX25 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX32 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX40 ECOplus
  • Exolon® multi UV HX50 ECOplus

rECO Type

is a circular product type: it contains 50 to almost 100% of pre-consumer waste. This is waste which is generated after the sheets leave our factory but before they are used in their final application, e.g. during the fabrication stage of the final part.

Solid Sheets:

  • Exolon® GP rECO
  • Exolon® UV rECO

rECOplus Type

is a partially circular product: it contains 25% of post-consumer waste. This means that it contains 25% of polyester from products which have reached their end-of-life and are recycled back into this new material.

Solid Sheets:

  • Axpet® rECOplus

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Type Title / Filesize Link
Brochure ECORANGE - The future is sustainable (5 MB)
Brochure Vivak/ Axpet brochure (2 MB)
Product Data sheet data sheet (180 kB)
Technical Manual Vivak und Axpet - Forming (361 kB)
Technical Manual Vivak und Axpet - Machining (242 kB)
Warranty warranty (61 kB)