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News & Events

High-tech plastics for modern light management


High-tech plastics for modern light management

Exolon Group at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main

Light + Building, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building technology, is opening its doors again after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic and is presented as a one-off Autumn Edition from 2 to 6 October in Frankfurt am Main. In 2024, Light + Building will return to its original date in March.

The Exolon Group, too, will of course be in attendance at the international Who’s Who of the leading brands and present their smart product solutions for the lighting industry in Hall 8.0 at Stand B29 together with their distribution partner A.L.P. Europe Ltd.

More than 1,300 exhibitors from 46 countries are expected to attend the restart of the lighting and building technology industry in the autumn. They will provide a broad industry overview and insight into matters of lighting, electrical engineering, building automation and security technology.

Homogeneous light diffusion with efficient light scattering

The use of many LEDs places the highest demands on homogeneous light diffusion and brightness, combined with wide or low light scattering. The Exolon® DX (Diffusion eXcellence) product family offers designers and lighting specialists the flexibility they need to implement even sophisticated lighting concepts simply and systematically. Even with slim designs, hotspots disappear due to high light transmission and even brightness.

Thanks to the synthesis of special highly transparent polycarbonate raw materials with scattering additives, the incident light colour remains radiant even when emitted. The ideal lighting solution for adjustable cold/warm white and RGB-coloured LEDs.

The DX diffuser product family – Cool, Bright and High – comes by default with a matt and glossy surface. Optionally available types are:
•    UV-resistant for outdoor use with a 10-year weather resistance warranty
•    AR with hard coating that increases chemical resistance and protects against scratches and abrasion
•    Flame-retardant product type FR for public transportation applications
•    Specially flame-retardant products designated as TPA for special building requirements in the United Kingdom

Glare-free office lighting

Functional and glare-free lighting and sleek designs are key requirements for the office design of the future. The Exolon Group has addressed these issues and will present their Exolon® SX Sharp transparent polycarbonate solid sheet with a special microstructure finish applied on one side. This solution is very suitable for indoor lighting and is used, for example, for lamp covers at the workplace. It also makes it possible to achieve an optimal UGR (Unified Glare Rating) value.

Setting the scene for illuminated advertising

A strong brand needs a strong presence – not only in the media, but also live on site. The Exolon® UV AdLight solid polycarbonate sheets are suitable for all types of backlit outdoor advertising that must be robust, low-maintenance and durable. The sheets offer the ideal combination of design freedom and efficiency for this aspect of visual communication. They have a UV protective layer on both sides and a glossy and a matt surface. It is easy to print onto the glossy side.

All-round safety

All products in the Exolon LED range have a fire classification. Easy installation, high breaking strength as protection against vandalism and with thermoforming properties make the polycarbonate sheet range suitable for use in various lighting conditions.  

Exolon Group:

Exolon Group is a leading supplier of solid and multiwall sheets for a wide range of innovative applications. The medium-sized group of companies develops, produces and distributes Exolon® brand polycarbonate sheets, Axpet® and Vivak® polyester sheets as well as Exoblend® brand opaque blend sheet material made of high-quality plastic.

The Exolon Group is characterised by 40 years of accumulated expertise in the extrusion of thermoplastic sheets and an extensive product portfolio. The products can be found, amongst other things, in construction, visual communication, industry and LED applications. The material is manufactured in accordance with consistently high-quality standards at production facilities in Belgium and Italy.

"People, passion, performance" is the guiding principle of Exolon Group and its employees. The passion they have for the products is the basis for convincing customers through quality and service. Exolon Group is part of the Serafin group of companies based in Munich.

Exolon Group is part of the Serafin group of companies based in Munich and continues Covestro's former plastic sheet business.

Further information on Exolon Group products and applications can be found on the internet at www.exolongroup.com

Serafin Group:
Exolon Group is a part of Serafin Group, whose philosophy is based on more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of its shareholding family. Serafin invests into companies with the aim to foster their long term development in accordance with all stakeholders.  www.serafin-gruppe.de/en  

Press contact:

Exolon Group GmbH
Nicole Meyer-Kurczyk
+49 173 9650104