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South Seas climate for everyone

A day’s vacation in the Erding Spa

Grey skies, low temperatures. That is when you think of sun-nier climes.The Caribbean is a long way away but not so the Erding Spa, before the gates of Munich. Here everyone can en-joy the climate of the South Seas under tropical palm trees. The translucent cupolas made of Exolon® multi wall sheets covering this spa paradise, the sauna and relaxation zone and the Galaxy slide paradise, create an open air atmosphere that can be opened in just a few minutes when the weather is fine.

Tropical inside, arctic outside

Even when the temperature drops below zero in winter people can relax in the pleasantly warm spa waters or even in the bubbly champagne pool of the sauna paradise. All this is possible with the roof made of transparent Exolon® multi wall sheets. They provide pleasant light that is beneficial both for the spirits of the visitors as well as the numerous exotic plants and palm trees. They also ensure excellent thermal insulation which guarantees pleasantly warm temperatures even during cold spells.

Pure sunshine is also possible

In fine weather the roofs glazed with Exolon® can be opened in just a few minutes. This is helped by the exceptionally light area weight of the Exolon® multi wall sheets, compared to glass. The almost 23m high cupola over the Caribbean spa paradise has a di-ameter of 56m and was covered with Exolon® multi UV 4/25 HR no drop sheets in 1999. HR stands for hail resistant and guaran-tees increased safety during hail storms with its optimised top boom. The no drop effect is achieved using a special coating and prevents condensation accumulating on the inside of the sheets. The area weight is only 3.7kg/m².

Due to the excellent results achieved with Exolon® in the first construction phase, our material was again the first choice for the sliding roof of the sauna paradise. The arched roof over the luxuri-ous relaxation area has an area of 60 x 40m and a 90ºC segment of the cupola over the slides was roofed over in 2006 with the newly developed Exolon® multi UV 6/20-20 which has an opti-mum area weight of only 3.1kg/m².

South Seas climate with a view to safety

With a total area of 145,000m² and over 4,000 visitors daily the Erding spa is the largest spa landscape in Europe. Building regu-lations concerning the safety of visitors are especially impor-tant. Another factor which led to the selection of Exolon® multi wall sheets was their fire protection certification. The 4/25 HR no drop sheets have excellent fire behaviour as attested by their B1 fire protection certification. The 20mm thick 6wall sheets of the i line range comply with the stringent requirements of Euro-pean standard B-s1d0 „no burning droplets“.

Keen on detail

The architect Josef Wund placed especial emphasis on the architec-tural design and top-quality construction, down to the smallest de-tail. The Erding Spa is a showpiece for lifestyle. Against this backdrop aesthetic supporting structures were designed and implement-ed. The easy handling of the light, yet high-quality Exolon® multiwall sheets meant that the substructure of both cupolas and the arched roof could be made of steel but with an exceptionally fine filigree design. The sheets did not require pre-processing but were installed directly, thus saving both time and additional costs.

The result is a sophisticated leisure world down to the last detail: a day’s vacation for everyone.